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A Journey of Success

Good Hands Placement Agency

Good Hands Placement Agency has been helping valley seniors with their health care needs since 2005. Founder and director Daniel Robescu is a dedicated and tenacious professional who has realized the American dream. He wants to share his experience and passion for helping others by bringing compassion and comfort to families in a transitional stage of life.

Ambitious Beginnings

Daniel was born in Romania, and immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1996, graduating high school in Cleveland, Ohio two years later. An entrepreneur from a very young age, Daniel had to wait until 1998, when he was of legal age (18) to sign a contract to buy his first business, a commercial cleaning company. Daniel recognized another opportunity in 2000, and invested in his first rental property. Seeing the potential in the market, Daniel obtained a real estate license in 2001, and sold real estate part-time while also flipping (buying, fixing up, and selling) properties. By 2002, he owned six rental units and was able to help his parents buy and manage nine rental units of their own to provide for their future. In 2003, he graduated with honors from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Finance, International Business, and French, while also earning an Associate Degree in Economics. He took a corporate job in international finance but quickly learned he didn’t care for the politics and left corporate America for good. In 2005, Daniel married his wife Eriona, sold everything, and moved to Arizona.

Finding a Passion

Daniel entered the assisted living industry when he bought a small assisted living home and simultaneously launched the Good Hands Placement Agency, LLC. As director of the assisted living home, Daniel became a licensed caregiver and was immediately immersed in the everyday trials and tribulations of being an advocate for seniors in need, along with the intricacies of running a clean, professional operation. He interacted with every level of health care professional from general physicians and specialists, to RN’s, pharmacists and Home Health Agencies, including physical, occupational and speech therapists. He coordinated with Hospice staff including MD’s, RN’s, Certified Nursing Assistants, social workers, care coordinators, chaplains and religious figures, and worked with Durable Medical Equipment Companies for his clients. Owning an assisted living home ignited a passion in Daniel. He discovered how much he enjoyed working with people and advocating for clients and their families. This experience had a tremendous influence on him as he developed Good Hands Placement Agency. He knew how to identify and inspect top quality providers, understanding first-hand the different criteria, standards, and rules and regulations that the various providers must adhere to as licensed caregivers/facilities for different levels of care in Arizona. He used this knowledge to recruit providers for the Good Hands Provider network, contracting only the best providers in the business that met his high level of expectations.

Finding his Niche

Managing the Good Hands Placement Agency, as well as the assisted living home, paid off twofold. Firsthand experience on both ends of the spectrum revealed to Daniel how vital Good Hands Placement Agency was to the industry and his clients, reinforcing his belief that the industry desperately needed a dedicated placement agency that advocates solely for the client. In 2007, after much thought and consideration, he sold the assisted living home to dedicate himself full-time to the Good Hands Placement Agency. In doing so, he could devote his time to serving a much larger client base, and focus 100% of his efforts on client-oriented care, providing clients and families with the personal support and care they deserve. In 2008, Daniel’s personal life expanded as well, as he and his wife Eriona welcomed their first daughter Emma Nicole Robescu into the world. This new addition ignited yet another passion, being a dedicated parent.

A Bright and Successful Future

Daniel sought to expand his experience and knowledge in the assisted living industry, which led him to complete his Master of Social Work at Arizona State University in 2013. While obtaining his master’s degree, he also completed a one-year internship with Adult Protective Services, the state agency responsible for investigating cases of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable adults. Soon after, he completed another yearlong internship with Aurora Behavioral Health, the largest psychiatric hospital in Arizona. This experience gave him a clinical background and hands on experience in behavioral health, working with adult, adolescents, and seniors in crisis. Many of these patients were highly vulnerable, and diagnosed with serious mental illnesses, chemical dependencies, multiple co morbidities, and at risk of suicide. His duties included; clinical, psychosocial assessments, individual and group psychotherapy counseling sessions, patient suicide risk assessment, assisting patients with developing a treatment plan, conducting family sessions to ensure therapeutic discharge, and providing preventive measures to reduce readmissions. 
 Daniel is a member of the Arizona Geriatric Society, National Association of Social Workers, Better Business Bureau, National Association of Realtors, and the Arizona Caregiver Coalition, and retains a real estate license. Through professional growth, Daniel intends to expand his services to offer geriatric care management and fiduciary services sometime in the near future. Good Hands Placement Agency, LLC has been growing immensely, adding new, professional staff members to extend their knowledge and experience within this demanding and challenging health care industry. You will not find a better-qualified or more credentialed placement agency anywhere else in the valley. In an industry that remains unregulated at this time, it is critical to work with a credentialed professional to get the best available options for your loved one. Good Hands team members believe in a higher level of expertise and professionalism when it comes to servicing the most vulnerable members of our community. Daniel believes honesty, integrity and hard work will undoubtedly ensure that professional success will follow. Helping clients and their families, working hard and supporting them every step of the way is a reward all its own.

Good Hands gives a level of personal care that is unmatched in the industry and pride themselves on close, personal relationships. Daniel has no desire to grow his business into a large impersonal corporation where one on one interaction goes by the way side. He strives to provide a comfortable, secure living for him and his family, and help as many other families as possible along the way. Daniel and the staff at Good Hands truly enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and giving clients the care, respect, and dignity they deserve.