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Placement Services related FAQ

How much does your service cost?

Our services are free of charge to you, our valued client. We are compensated by the recipient facilities. 

What are the benefits of using Good Hands in my search for a care facility?

Good Hands helps you save time, money, and reduce unnecessary stress by providing guidance, education, and price negotiation. Having a professional expert to guide you through the entire placement process at no cost to you, is a no-brainer. We are proven experts in the field of placement. We pre-select assisted and memory care providers for your loved one that meet our high standards of safety and excellence. There is no need for you to wade through hundreds of options when we can narrow your choices to only the very best facilities/homes that meet your specific needs.

How can Good Hands save me money?

Good Hands works with contracted providers on a regular basis throughout the year for numerous clients, therefore, Good Hands has more leverage when it comes to negotiating lower rates. In addition, Good Hands experts are in tune with the market conditions in various areas of town, vacancy rates, competitor pricing, incentives advertised by the care providers, etc. Many variables will affect the negotiation process, and your Good Hands agent will use their knowledge and expertise to their client’s advantage.

How is Good Hands Placement Agency different from its competitors?

At Good Hands, we try to help everyone regardless of their financial status. We work with clients who receive state subsidies for their long-term care from Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), VA assistance, long-term care insurance, and private funds. In addition, the amount of time that we dedicate to each and every one of our clients is unsurpassed in the industry.  The choice is clear:

  • Evaluation and placement process supervised by master level social worker
  • Experienced personal advisor assigned to your case
  • Level of care evaluation completed prior to placement
  • Quick response for emergency or crisis situations
  • Placement process coordinated with all parties involved including the client, social worker/case manager, assisted living provider, supporting services, etc. 
  • Personal guided tours of the facilities
  • Client follow up to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Available 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Our service is free of charge to our valued clients.

Why should you avoid dealing directly with care providers advertised in the senior guides or on the Internet?

Not all providers of quality care have the budget to advertise in the senior guides or on the Internet. In addition to the larger, more well-known facilities who advertise, we know where to find the unadvertised hidden gems in senior care living. It would take you months of research to discover these places on your own. We have the local expertise to recommend facilities with long track records of quality care and customer satisfaction. We continually survey inspection reports of the homes/facilities by the State of Arizona Licensing Health Department and recommend only those that pass this inspection with high marks. Whether large or small, advertised or not, we find the best care facility to fit your needs.

What is the procedure for touring?

We schedule tours of three or more assisted living homes or facilities as needed at no charge to our valued client. You can choose to tour on your own, but we recommend that one of our professional placement consultants accompany you, to make sure all your questions are addressed properly. We will provide transportation, or you may ride in your own vehicle if desired. Tours usually take two to three hours. As we take the family members through their visitation tours, we educate them regarding what questions to ask, what to look for, and how to make a wise decision when choosing the best care provider for their loved one. The tours are designed to be educational, so feel free to ask questions, take notes, and bring along any individual who may be of assistance to you in the decision making process. You are also welcome to bring your cameras, in case you want to take some pictures along the way.

What happens if we are not happy with the placement?

If you have specific issues or concerns regarding the level of satisfaction with the current provider, Good Hands can help mediate this process between the client and the provider in order to address the underlying issues. The client or client’s representative must specifically request intervention by Good Hands. If these issues are not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, and no alterative solution can be found, Good Hands will provide further assistance in relocating the client to a different provider. Note: These instances occur on rare occasions, less than 3% of the total cases handled by Good Hands.

What if we run out of money?

Good Hands will help our clients project their monthly and yearly expenses to ensure that their care options are compatible with their budgets. The long-term sustainability of the placement is one of Good Hands main priorities. For projected budgets that will exhausted within a relatively short time, options covered under Medicaid (ALTCS) will be recommended; as a result, clients can start paying for their services privately, and then roll over onto Medicaid (ATLCS) services upon meeting the state qualifications for such coverage.    

What documents do we need for admission in an assisted living or memory care provider?

During the tour, your Good Hands advisor will provide you with a Move In Checklist. This will list the documents needed for admission for the type of placement facilities under consideration.