What services does Good Hands geriatric Care Management offer?

When you hire the GH Care Management team you can expect professional services. First we do a comprehensive assessment to determine the needs of the client. Then a care plan is tailored to the individual's circumstances.  We identify and engage your loved one with local, cost effective resources as needed, provided in the following areas:

  • Home care services – We determine the specific types of services that are right for the individual client, and assist the family with implementing and monitoring those services. These can include: arranging for housekeeping; cleaning and laundry services; de-cluttering; and home health care.
  • Housing –We evaluate the client's needs and help families in selecting assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing options.  We monitor the client's care following placement in assisted living or other care options.
  • Medical management – We attend doctor appointments, facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family, and if appropriate, monitor client’s adherence to medical orders and instructions.
  • Communication – We enhance the level of communication between client and family and the medical providers who provide care for the client.
  • Social activities – We find opportunities for the client to engage in social, recreational, or cultural activities that enrich their quality of life.
  • Legal – We refer to, or consult with an elder law attorney, when needed to better serve our clients legal needs.
  • Financial– We can oversee bill paying and/or recommend financial services experts to serve our clients financial needs.
  • Entitlements – We provide information on federal and state entitlements, such as Medicare, Medicaid and VA programs.  GH geriatric care managers also connect families to local programs.
  • Safety and security – We monitor the client at home. GH geriatric care managers recommend technologies to add to security and/or safety.  We arrange for home safety modifications, and/or repairs.  We observe changes in the client and look for potential risks of exploitation or abuse.
  • Crisis Intervention - If in evaluating the client we determine the client is in crisis, we will refer him/her to the hospital emergency room if needed.  GH geriatric care managers will provide client support during and post trauma.
  • Life Coaching - We provide client-centered life planning and coaching.


Any care plan may be modified in consultation with the client and family as circumstances change.