Discharge Planners, please consider the following documents when preparing the discharge package for most assisted living providers:

  • Face Sheet
  • History and Physical
  • Chest X–Ray or TB Test (most recent)
  • Physician Orders


Please notify us of the Home Health/Hospice recommended to your client or your client's POA, in addition to the DME company providing the necessary equipment at discharge, so that we can provide further coordination, if necessary. 

Use our chat capability right below, and get in touch with us immediately. You can use the Live Chat to make a Referral or get an Update on your pending discharge!


Additional benefits with Good Hands

Specialized Transportation Wheelchair or Stretcher is covered with us as a curtesy to our valued clients; this benefit is covered through our own internal funding, and it it not a contingent upon clients' medical insurance.

All major credit cards are now accepted on behalf of those assisted living providers (e.g. group homes), which do not accept this type of payment. This type of payment may make help an ALTCS pending client make their first month down payment to a group home provider!